North of the 44th Through Our Eyes

Film submission deadline: February 16, 2018

Film Festival: Saturday, March 24, 2018 at the Rialto Theatre, Lancaster NH

Award Categories for 2017-2018

Partnerships North of the 44th

  • Whether it is a group in your school working with a business or community group, or some other people in your community (clubs, churches, volunteer organizations, etc.), this category is to highlight the ways people are working together for the greater good.

Innovation North of the 44th

  • A clever solution to a problem tied either to a problem found North of the 44th or highlighting a solution of an inventor/business person/entrepreneur who lives or hails from the region.

  • A story about innovation in the region (renewable energy projects, local foods movement, economic or community development strategies, and much more).

  • This category can also include a proposed idea or solution you have to address an issue or improve the region.

Life North of the 44th

  • People/Groups: The story of someone who has made a positive difference, overcome adversity, or excelled in some way.

  • Places: Natural or man-made places in the North Country that make it special.

  • Pastimes & Passions: From hobbies, to sports, to special events, this category could include stories about local festivals to indoor and outdoor activities people enjoy in the region. Activities unique to this region are a plus.

Additionally, awards will be given to recognize these film characteristics:

  • Best Technical Merit: Overall combination of film elements which include editing components of effective transitions, steady shots, and the use of audio and/or sound effects.

  • Best Cinematography: Visual impact, composition, videography and framing of shots to contribute an overall dramatic effect while conveying a compelling message.

  • Best Picture: Overall creativity, technical merit, sophistication and all-around excellence in production and storytelling.

  • Best Originality: The film that showed something unanticipated and leaves the audience wanting more.

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Full Guidelines for 2017-2018

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